New Use for an Old Thing {Chip Clip}

Good Morning!

Well - I gotta tell you, this girl is SOOOOOOREEEEE!  Most of your know I am a fitness instructor at a YMCA and yesterday I had an all day training for a new type of group fitness class that we are going to be offering at the Y.  Let's just say I'll be doing a LOT of sitting today :)


Anyways - me sitting all day is good news for you because it's time for another episode of....


All you'll have to do for this "new use" idea is to go to your kitchen junk drawer where you keep all your chip clips

(at least that's where I found mine :) )


This idea is perfect for anyone who teaches kiddos with little hands.


The chip clip makes it easy for students to hold their playing cards and keep them organized.

Easy easy!  Just plop some of these larger sized clip chips in a basket at a center that will be using any kind of playing cards and you're done!  No assembly required :)

Phew - my work is done here, people - time to put my feet up...just kidding.

In other news...Teachers Pay Teachers has decided to throw one last Back to School BOOST sale!

Just when you thought you had missed your chance to get up to 28% off, TpT comes through with another day of awesome-ness...and of course, who am I to NOT participate :)

Be sure to check out any of my products that you think you might need as you get started with the school year!

So -tomorrow only use the coupon code BOOST to get the extra boost of savings!


Sunday Save-Day is BAAAAAACK!

Um - really - please hold back your excitement!

Sunday Save-Day Freebies are back for the school year!  

Awesome?  or Awesome?

I'm so excited I even created a new Sunday Save-Day logo!

So - let me just give any blog newbies the Sunday Save-Day low down - 

Every Sunday on the blog, I will be posting a freebie game that you can use in your classroom.  The freebie is a gift from me to my readers for being so awesome!  Hopefully the game will save you some time in your planning.  I try to make the games as "print and play!" as I can without much prep on your end. It's an exclusive freebie found only on the blog (so if you're reading this post and are NOT a follower - be sure to subscribe either through email or on bloglovin.

(both option are found on the side bar ----->)

You don't want to miss a single freebie!

Please feel free to share the freebies on pinterest, facebook, or with your co-workers at school!  Share the love :).

Let's not waste another minute and get it right to you!

Here's the first Sunday Save-Day Freebie:


Here's how it works.

1)  Place 1 or all of the spinners at a math center (or create several copies and each spinner and have your whole class play at the same time.)

2)  Provide a pencil and a paper clip to be used as the spinner.  (Students flick a paper clip around the tip of the pencil)

3)  Students will work in partners and choose one spinner to play on.  One partner will flick the paper clip from the center of the spinner and students will race to solve the problem.  For example, if students are playing with the 50 spinner and the paper clip lands on x6, students will race to solve 50x6.  The first student to shout out the answer gets one point.  You may also want to provide scrap paper or dry-erase boards at the center for students to solve their problems on.


That's pretty much it!  If students finish the whole spinner, they can pick a different one.

There are 6 pre-made spinners (shown above).  Or, I've also included 6 blank spinners in the same colors show above in case you want to make your own.  If you will be using this at the beginning of the year, or have younger students, you might want to make a spinner that is just addition or just subtraction with smaller numbers to work with!  Simply write in the numbers and operations that you want your students to practice.  

These spinners can be changed up all year long depending on the math unit you are working on!

Hope you are gearing up for another great year of Sunday Save-Day freebies!  Download the game provided in the link at the bottom of this post!

Enjoy and have an awesome week!


Download this file (Spin_a_Math_Problem.pdf)Spin_a_Math_Problem[ ]4778 kB

Summer Sweepstakes 2014: Final Week Winners!

Are you excited????

Today's the day to announce the FINAL WINNERS of Summer Sweepstakes 2014!


It's been a fabulous summer of giveaways and winners!  I hope you all enjoyed participating each week!

With out further delay - here we go!


These 2 lucky ladies have won a $25 gift card to use at my TpT store on ANY product!  Andrea L. and Suzy be sure to check your email for details on how to claim your prize!!!

And now - we will return to our regularly sceduled Sunday and Monday programs :)

That means we will be back to Sunday Save-Day freebies (!!!) and Monday Make-and-Take Games

We gotta have something to lift our spirits each week now that Summer is (almost) over!


Although, I do love me a good fall season :)  Pumpkin spice lattes, yes please.

But, I won't rush it, we still have plenty of warm days ahead of us.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

{PS - this little peanut is 5 months old today!!!}


(very seriously playing - as evidence of biting the bottom lip - hehe)

Friday Favorites :: 8/8


Hope you're gearing up for a great weekend!  The weather is supposed to be fabulous around here!

Time for another round-up of my favorites from the week and around the web:


What a motivational way to invite your students back to school: 



This ADORABLE video about how a dog tries to make up for stealing a baby's toy - I wish *MY* Charlie-dog would do the same for Clara - but, instead he eats her pacifers... hashtag annoying....


What a great classroom management idea for whole-class motivation:



This idea is a Monday Make-and-Take Game waiting to happen...



The perfect solution for that grimey filing cabinet in your classroom:


And my favorite favorite of the week:


Happy 6th anniversay to my sweet hubby!


Hope you guys are having a great day!  Don't forget you still have 2 days to enter in the Summer Sweepstakes (LAST WEEK!)


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