Three For Thursday: Christmas in a SNAP! {FREEBIE!}

Well, hello!  Almost done with another week!

Have the holiday-crazies settled in with your kiddos yet?  I'm hoping that today's post will help you out with that a bit.  I remember when I was teaching around this time of year that I was in constant survival mode just trying to make it to Christmas break.  Are you feeling that way right about now?

That's why I've spent the last few days making two freebies just for you!  (And one on the way...stay tuned...)

So let's get started with Three for Thursday:  Christmas in a SNAP!

I know how precious your time is.  You barely have time to plan your lessons according to your state/CCSS standards, let alone try to make it holiday-themed.  So, in effort to help you out a bit, I completed a list of links to games, activities, crafts, snack ideas, read-alouds, and more to help you keep your students learning even when the kids start to lose their focus :)

The best part is, most of the links are free and easy to prepare.  You can snag this download here.


This game is a fun way to get your students moving around.  Simply print out the word cards and tape onto each students' back.  Students then walk around asking questions about what could be on their back to help them guess.  I think your kids would get a kick out of it - try it and let me know :)  Find it here.


And finally - just a little humor.  Coffee gets me through hectic times.  What about you?



Hope you have a great day!  What's your "survival-mode" go-to  (coffee?  chocolate? a bath?)


New Uses for Old Things: {Single Hole Punch}

Happy Tuesday!  Hope the day is going well.  It's been pretty busy around here with holiday stuff, Clara stuff, and everything else mixed in.

I hope you have participated in the "These are a few of Our Favorite Things" blog hop where you can win some amazing prizes (like a $25 dollar Yankee Candle Gift Card that I'm offering!)  And, don't forget my Christmas Math and Literacy Activities Pack is 50% off this whole week!

As for today's topic:  I've got a "new use for an old things" post that will help your kiddos keep score in a new fun way for any of the games that they play!


This idea requires absolutely NO prep!  I know, you love it already :)

Here's the scoop.


{score sheet shown is from my Suffix Match-Up Game for -ful, -less, -ly}

Students use the hole-punch as a way to keep score.  Each time a student scores a point in whatever game they are playing, he/she punches a hole in their recording sheet (or other scrap paper).  

Now - can students keep score with tally marks or marking chips?  Yes.

Is it as fun as punching a hole in your paper?  No. :)

So, go on,  horde those hole punches, steal them from your co-teachers...and let your students start punchin'

Check out all my other "New Uses for Old Things" ideas by clicking the  logo below!


Any other great ideas for the hole punch?


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things {Blog Hop}

It's finally here!  The blog hop of the season!  

A bunch of really great bloggers have gotten together to share some of their favorite things AND give some of them away!  I'm super excited to be apart of it!

So without further adieu...

These are a few of my favorite things:

{Sung in my best Julia Andrews voice} 

It's like a magnet pulling me in everytime I walk past this store - I just HAVE to go in and usually come out with something in hand!  I love their style!


My hubby and I went on vacation to Florida last March and the hotel that we stayed at had this lotion in the room.

 it. was. glorious.

I loved it so much that I came home and drove to the closest Crabtree and Evelyn to buy a bottle for myself!  It's a little pricey, so I use it sparingly.  I use it mostly on my hands.  It's the perfect amount of luxury, especially on dry, winter days!



My family and I go to this most amazing place to cut down our Christmas tree!  It's my favorite way to kick off the Christmas season. There are wagon rides, a fabulous gift shop with all sorts of cute Christmas decorations, and free cookies and hot chocolate (bonus!).  Cutting down the tree was extra special this year with our little cutie, Clara :)  She loved it!


I love, love, LOVE Yankee Candles!  They are the only candle that I've found that actually makes your house smell as delicious as the name sounds!  I light candles in my house all the time, even when I'm just working at my desk during the day.  They instantly put me in a good mood!  I love switching them up for the holiday and season.  You even have the chance to win a $25 gift card to buy some delicious-ness for yourself!  Be sure to enter below!


Because we value our followers and wanted to treat you to our favorite things Oprah style, we have put together the best giveaway of the season! My bloggy friends and I welcome you to the best, biggest, most cheerful event of the season:



7 winners for 7 prize packs!














In addition to these amazing prize packs - I am also offering my Christmas Math and Literacy Activities Pack for 50% off from December 7-14!

Take a peek:

{click any pick to see all the details!}


Happy, Happy holidays!

Come and enter the giveaway and check out my bloggy friends' favorite things:

a Rafflecopter giveaway



12/5 :: Friday Favorites

Hello!  How was the first week back after T-giving?  It gets pretty crazy from here on out till Christmas, right?

Hopefully you'll be able to pull in the reigns a bit and keep control over holiday-crazed kids :) 

I've had a great week here getting decorated for Christmas, organizing and decluttering, and other random activities.  I'm ready for the weekend!

As usual, here are some favorites from home and around the web:


I came home from teaching my spin class on Tuesday night and my sister-in-law had surprised me by decorating my mantle for Christmas!  She is sooo much better at it than I am.  LOVE how it turned out (although the picture doesn't do it justice)


I got myself a few little goodies during the Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber sale.  Can't wait to use these clip art sets in future products.  Take a good look at that Polar Express clip art set - it may or may not be used in a freebie sometime soon...just saying :)




One of my favorite clip art artists, Krista Wallden, is doing a fun "Operation E.L.F (Everyone Loves Freebies)" weekly giveaway along with a "S-ELF-less Challenge" to spread random acts of kindness throughout the holiday season!  You should totally join in on the fun!  Week 2 is already up and running!


Love this cute little cartoon :)


Depending on where you live - having recess outdoors this time of year is pretty much a no-go.  It's too cold around here to go on the playground.  So you have two choices:   1) don't have recess again until spring (not recommended :) ) OR  2) Use this post to get some great ideas for games to play indoors during recess time!  Check it out!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Don't forget to join me, beginning Sunday for the "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...." Blog hop!  It's gonna be great, so don't miss it!


See ya then! 


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