The NEW Classroom Game Nook is Ready for You!

I am super, super, SUPER excited!

I would like to invite all of you to the new (and improved) Classroom Game Nook.

I am so stoked to share with you the new look and layout - I think you will find it SO much more user-friendly and convenient.

So head over now and be sure to follow the new blog address by email (you will find the submission button on the side of the new blog) or through bloglovin.

Off you go!  There are all sorts of goodies available during the open house I will be hosting this week, beginning with a scavenger hunt with hidden treasures all over the blog as you explore the new layout.  You do NOT want to miss out.

Click the pic below to head over!


See ya there!

Christmas Recap and Looking Ahead

Hi, hi, hi!

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas.  We sure did.  Clara was sick (boo....) but was still her joyful-self even with a stuffy nose.

Clara's first Christmas was super special and we had a lot of fun celebrating with family and friends.  She totally got into the whole ripping open the presents - not so much on caring what was inside.

Here's a quick photo bomb of the day:

{Christmas Eve service at church}


{Is this tag editable - scratch that - is EVERYTHING editable?}


I can't believe her first Christmas has come and gone!

It's time to start looking foward to the new year!  Are you planning for going back next week?

If you're looking for some easy prep activities, I've got a few for you:


This pack has some fun and easy games and activities that you can prepare in a snap for welcoming your kiddos back to school.  There's even a freebie "Welcome Back" door display available in the preview that you can put up to welcome your students back to school in a new year!



Who doesn't love "SCOOT?" This game is a fun way to get your students thinking about their goals for the new year.  This FREEBIE scoot game can be found here.


Finally, this printable cube works perfectly in small groups to generate discussion between students as they think about the year ahead.  You can download it for free here.


And now - as I prepare for the new year, I can't WAIT to launch my new blog home (website details to come) - but mark your calendars for January 5th.  That's where the party begins and you are ALL invited.  

You guys are gonna LOVE the new look.

Enjoy a safe and happy new year!!





Exciting News!!!

Oh, Hi!  Remember Me?

I know - I went a little M.I.A.

Partly, I can blame it on the holidays - its crunch time and we've had a lot going on around here, as I'm sure most of you do as well.  And Partly because I've been working on a VERY exciting project.

I don't want to say too much about it yet, but...

The Classroom Game Nook Is Moving!

My blog has undergone surgery and has had a COMPLETE makeover thanks to "A Bird in Hand Designs" and I LOVE how it turned out.  I can't wait to share the new look with you.

I will be hosting an "Open House" once I have everything in place and ready to go.  It will be a fabulous week-long party with freebies and goodies to share!

But in the mean time....


Enjoy!  And stay tuned for details of the big move coming soon!


Three For Thursday: Christmas in a SNAP! {FREEBIE!}

Well, hello!  Almost done with another week!

Have the holiday-crazies settled in with your kiddos yet?  I'm hoping that today's post will help you out with that a bit.  I remember when I was teaching around this time of year that I was in constant survival mode just trying to make it to Christmas break.  Are you feeling that way right about now?

That's why I've spent the last few days making two freebies just for you!  (And one on the way...stay tuned...)

So let's get started with Three for Thursday:  Christmas in a SNAP!

I know how precious your time is.  You barely have time to plan your lessons according to your state/CCSS standards, let alone try to make it holiday-themed.  So, in effort to help you out a bit, I completed a list of links to games, activities, crafts, snack ideas, read-alouds, and more to help you keep your students learning even when the kids start to lose their focus :)

The best part is, most of the links are free and easy to prepare.  You can snag this download here.


This game is a fun way to get your students moving around.  Simply print out the word cards and tape onto each students' back.  Students then walk around asking questions about what could be on their back to help them guess.  I think your kids would get a kick out of it - try it and let me know :)  Find it here.


And finally - just a little humor.  Coffee gets me through hectic times.  What about you?



Hope you have a great day!  What's your "survival-mode" go-to  (coffee?  chocolate? a bath?)


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