Pin the Feather on the Turkey Freebie!

Hi Friday!  Good to see you again! :)

Yesterday I was complaining explaining about how I had a huge to-do list to get done by today.  As of yesterday, the list was far from completed.  However, I was feeling quite motivated despite the work that needed to be done and my list is getting smaller.  Plus I do have until about 6pm tonight to work, work, work!  

I've got dinner plans with some fun friends that the hubs and I haven't seen in a couple months!  Woot woot!


Anyways - about that motivation!  As promised - here is 1 of 2 Thanksgiving freebies for you to use next week!  I just MIGHT get the other one done today and get it up and posted tomorrow for you on the blog- You'll just have to be waiting on the edge of your seat for that one :)


For now - I present to you: 

Pin the Feather on the Turkey!


Cute, right?  I found this adorable turkey clip art over at the Joy of Kindergarten Blog.

First you cut out (and laminate) the directions card on the front of a letter-sized envelope:

There are 4 different skills:  math operations, synonyms and anytonyms, categorizing, rounding - hopefully all familiar skills with your students so you can just set them up and go.  I also have a blank game in the download so that you can create your own (I love making my games customizable for any skill!) 

Then, cut and laminate the turkeys and their feathers.  There are a total of 4 turkeys (with 4 matching feathers) for each skill!  That's a total of 16 sets!  Place all of the same-skill turkeys and their feathers in the envelope with the directions on front.


Then, after students have matched all of the feathers in the envelop to the correct turkey, they show their work on their recording sheet.

Ta-da! You're welcome! :)  

If you download the game - I'd love for you to leave a comment on how you plan to use it, or better yet, after you use it with your students, I've love to hear how it went!

Any-whoo - Pop over to Teachers Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook and get your game ASAP! 

Fingers crossed the other freebie gets done today :)


0 # Kathie 2012-11-17 11:43
I just finished printing this game. Putting it together this weekend so I can use it in my third grade classroom for a center on Monday. Love it! It is so cute plus it reviews 3 out of 4 standards I have already taught this year. Thank you!
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0 # pat 2012-11-17 13:09
Great idea to keep the class busy this week while others are catching up on work they have missed! Thanks!
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